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Use discount code 100USD to get $100 off immediately ——Buy Now

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5.5h Long Time Life Battery

Battery is removable battery. The battery duration according to flow settings, up to 5.5 hours long.
Weighing a mere 1.9kg, this portable oxygen concentrator is effortlessly portable and perfect for on-the-go use.

Pulse Dose More efficient

LT-801 adoptspressure swing adsorption technology, that is, PSA oxygen productiontechnology, using air as raw material and separating oxygen, nitrogen and othergases in the air through the molecular sieve oxygen production system.

90%+3%oxygen concentration

This oxygen concentrator provides a consistent and high concentration of oxygen at 90% (+3%} at all setting sensuring a reliable oxygen therapy experience.

8 Level Filtration

Deep purification of oxygen,Layer by layer filtration, oxygen is purer and the effect is more significant.

Pure and Clea oxygen supply

Breathe easy, live fully. Our portable oxygen concentrator delivers reliable, high-quality oxygen. Enhancing your health and well-being.

Say Goodbye to Noisy Distractions

Noise below 45 decibels, flow setting 1 comparable to a refrigerator humming or a quiet conversation. To give you a restful environment.

Versatile in various scenarios

Whether you're strolling through the park, traveling to exotic destinations, or simply relaxing at home, this POC will be your trusted companion.


Oxygenator main engine *1
Backpack *1
Nasal oxygen tube *1
Power charger *1
filter cotton *1

TPYE-C Charger

TPYE-C charger, adaptable to cell phone chargers, no need to carry chargers repeatedly on trips.

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