Fast 5-7 Days Delivery

Fast 5-7 Days Delivery


  • 108 LED light beads, 360° full face 0 distance energy efficient skin care.

  • Easy darkening improvement in 8 weeks repair sensitive skin.

  • Unlimited screen, with the application with stability wearable design free hands.

  • 28 strong firming revitalizing skin.

LED Red Light AND Near-Infrared Light Technology

LED red light and near-infrared light have repeatedly wrinkle and prevent aging.

28 DAYs Strong Firming Revitalizing Skin

After use, you can obviously see the improvement of facial skin problems, such as facial skin sensitivity, blemishes, wrinkles.

Results in 8 weeks

Energy high density transmission light, lamp beads superimposed the same light  source depth to improve the skin

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