Portable & Lightweight

The weight of machine is 0.64kg (1.43lb) only.

Unbound Fast Charging

Support Type-c Fast Charging | On-board Charging | Power Bank Charging

Long-Time Internal Battery

Charge For 2 Hours
Duration 4 Hours

Not Afraid of Air Pressure,Available at High Altitude

Hypoxia at high altitude may cause dizziness and nausea.Take MY-FYY-03 with you to supplement oxygen in time,it will help you to relieve altitude reaction.

Low Concentration Oxygen Therapy

No Side Effects/Filter PM2.5

Convenient Oxygen Inhalation/Unlimited Crowd

Home Use
Office Use
Use In The Car
Outdoor Use


Shoulder Bag*1
Nasal Cannula*1
USB Cord*1
User Manual*1