Use discount code 10USD to get $10 off immediately

Use discount code 10USD to get $10 off immediately


The weight of machine is 0.93kg (2.05lb) only.

Take Oxygen With You,Following Breath Overly Comfortable

No Water Added
One-Piece Boot
Rapid Oxygen Release
Compact And Convenient
Negative Oxygen Ion

Not Afraid of Air Pressure,Available at High Altitude

Hypoxia at high altitude may cause dizziness and nausea. Take MY-FYY-03 with you to supplement oxygen in time, it will help you to relieve altitude reaction.

Six Filtration System

Six stages of filtration can effectively remove bacteria, hair, dust and other impurities in the air, providing all-round protection for your health.

Convenient Oxygen Inhalation/Unlimited Crowd

Home Use
Office Use
Use In The Car
Outdoor Use


Shoulder Bag*1
Nasal Cannula*1
USB Cord*1
User Manual*1