Use discount code 10USD to get $10 off immediately

Use discount code 10USD to get $10 off immediately

Multi Scene Usage

Home Use, Office Use, Use In The Car, Outdoor Use

Oxygen Purity

1-3 settings can be adjusted, the oxygen concentration can reach more than 90%±3%.Oxygen is more concentrated and purer

Six Filtration System

Six stages of filtration can effectively remove bacteria, hair, dust and other impurities in the air, providing all-round protection for your health.

Powerful Oil-Free Compressor

DC compressor, efficient and stable. With flexible connection, it is quieter.Providing continuous surging power for the oxygen concentrator.

Double Battery Life

Lasting Internal battery can be used 1.5-2 hours after fully charged. External battery can be used 2.5-3 hours after fully charged.

Remote Control

Easy to operate. The machine can be controlled within 3-5 meters.

Interchangeable Pulse Flow Mode And Continuous Flow Mode

Inhalation with sufficient oxygen supply, exhalation without oxygen pungent nasal mucosa. Pulse design makes breathing more comfortable and utilization rate is higher.

High Definition Large Screen

Intelligent Touch

Timer Function

You can set the time according to your needs. Appointment time, on-demand oxygen supplement.


Nasal Cannula*1
Car Power Cord*1
Headset Tube*1
Remote Controller*1
Oxygen Bag*1
Power Adapter*1

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