1-9L adjustable oxygen flow

Users can adjust the oxygen flow rate according to their situation. Oxygen concentration up to 90% ± 3%.

HD large screentouch control

High-definition large screen touchcontrol,Clear digital display,Easy toclick,older people worry less.

Nebulization and oxygen generation in one

Nebulization and oxygen production, dual function, easy to use at home, to avoid hospital cross-infection.

wireless remote control

Remote operation,wireless infraredremote control to make breathingoxygen easier

Negative Ion Purification

Make your breathing smoother and more comfortable.

Smart Large Screen

Touch screen operation, simple and convenient, the elderly can also be used easily and comfortably.
Machine Structure


Oxygenator main engine *1
remote controller *1
three-way pipe *1
Humidification Cup *1
Power cord *1
filter cotton *1

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Danielle Sanchez

I was surprised at how smart this machine is, with a very large LED display and a clear intelligent voice. You can also turn on this machine at night when you sleep, it's very quiet and won't bother you.


I was kinda surprised at how smart this product operates, and when I got it, I immediately unpacked the delivery to try it out.


The atomization of this product is very powerful, and the oxygen released is soothing to the body that you can try it if you need it.I've been looking for a device that releases a high concentration of oxygen, and this product meets my needs very well. I'll use it for a while, and I'll repurchase it if I get good results afterward.

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