The whole machine weighs 0.6 KG(1.3lbs)

Long life battery

Removable battery for longer battery life——4 Hours.

More comfortable Oxygen Delivery

Moist oxygen, 3L flow disperses oxygen, large flow oxygen absorption is more comfortable.

Use In Plateau Areas

Work normally and continuously within an altitude of less than 5,000meters to increase the body's blood oxygensaturation and alleviate the plateau reaction.
How do I charge a removable battery?


Oxygenator main engine *1
Power charger *1
Portable Bag*1
Instruction manual *1
Nasal oxygen tube *1
Removable battery *1

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

More words are scarce, I was really surprised when I received this item, my parents have been in poor health, I purposely bought this oxygen concentrator, this machine can provide users with the oxygen they need, and it is also good for the body to relieve discomfort.


The size of this product is so compact that you won't feel burdened at all when you take it out in your backpack, and the weight of the machine is almost negligible, so you won't feel tired when you go out with it. I have a high requirement for oxygen levels, and by buying this item, my daily oxygen level needs will be met.


I very recommend this product. Because exterior design is really simple and generous. There are also backpacks that can be carried outside. Don't worry about not being able to operate this product.

Portable O2

I do not have enough words to express my pleasure and satisfaction with the attention, communication, response and services received by Charming Key. At first I had doubts about the company's services, which were immediately dispelled. I will not hesitate to continue doing business with them in the future and I highly recommend them to anyone. Likewise, the portable oxygen concentrator works wonderfully. Thank you for changing the address and making the device arrive right on time, I can see that you have put all your heart into serving us. Please keep up the great job you are doing!! Sincerely,
Marlene and John Des Jardins

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