Use discount code 100USD to get $100 off immediately ——Buy Now

Use discount code 100USD to get $100 off immediately ——Buy Now

Weighing a mere 2.3kg, this portable oxygen concentrator is effortlessly portable and perfect for on-the-go use.

Versatile in various scenarios

Whether you're strolling through the park, traveling to exotic destinations, or simply relaxing at home, this POC will be your trusted companion.

Medical-Grade 93%±3% Oxygen Concentration

The oxygen purity is stable up to 93%(±3%) for a long time

2.8-Inch Screen

Hd font LCD display clear. Large button for easy operation. High light effect display

Voice Global Navigation

Clear voice, easy to operate. It is suitable for guiding the elderly

Say Goodbye to Noisy Distractions

Noise below 37 decibels, flow setting 1 comparable to a refrigerator humming or a quiet conversation. To give you a restful environment.

Pulse Dose Delivery, 1-6 Adjustable Settings, Up To 1.2L/min

This portable concentrator provides adjustable pulse dose delivery with Settings ranging from 1 to 6. Up to 1.2 liters, equivalent 6 liters. This reduces oxygen waste and increases the efficiency of portable use.

Long Time Life Battery

Battery is removable battery. The battery duration according to flow settings, up to 4.4 hours long.


Oxygenator main engine *1
Power charger *1
Vehicle charging cable *1
Nasal oxygen tube *1
Backpack *1


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

This machine prompt sound is very clear and very suitable for the elderly to use, without any obstacles. What's more, this machine is almost noiseless and can be used with peace of mind.

Jean B Craig

The POC is seriously outstanding! Not only is it super quiet, but it's also incredibly easy to carry around. I am over the moon with happiness. I've finally been set free! Now I can't wait to go out more often because this concentrator is a breeze to carry.


The flow settings of this machine are perfectly suited to my needs. And equipped with this backpack is really portable, i take it everywhere.