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Painless Ice Cool IPL Hair Removal Device
★IPL hair removal
★IPL Rejuvenation
★Ice compress
★300,000 Flashes
★4 Weeks Hair Removal
★Double Cooling Painless Depilation
Ice Cool IPL Hair Removal Rejuvenation Device
★10 Minutes Whole Body Hair Removal
★6 Weeks Smooth
★3 Lamps Replacement
★2 Flash Modes Available

Check if IPL Works For You

For IPL hair removal to work, there must be a contrast between the skin tone and the hair colour. Because the IPL light is absorbed by the melanin and heated up, the hair follicle can be killed, resulting in long-term hair removal. Therefore, very light natural hair colour might not see effective hair removal results. And deep dark skin tones might face burning risks. This is an unfortunate restriction of IPL technology. Take a look at the chart below to see if IPL hair removal will work for you.
√ Workable
× Not Recommended